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Sundanese cuisine

Asakan Sundanese cuisine or ancient times turned out to have a dominant spicy flavor. Because almost every dish of vegetables and processed meats, elderly parents always used pepper as a seasoning. If it does not use spicy seasoning, there should be sauce served with fresh lalaban. In his own culinary treasures Parahyangan, sambal can reach tens of species. Chili sauce suddenly between combrang, tarasi sauce, sambal cibiuk, sambal plows, peanut sauce, and sambal hejo. There are also many ancient Sundanese asakan use chili peppers as a spice. As sambal goreng ati potato, french fries Mustafa sauce, chili ase hejo, rendang jengkol, tempeh-chili oblo oblo peuteuy hejo, oseng sampeu kadedemes or skin, and others.

Another distinctive feature is the use of Sundanese creative asakan basis for most people is not considered useful. For example, velvetleaf saute ingredients taken from plants weeds among the crops of rice, vegetables kadedemes or skin that is often considered toxic cassava, fried crispy impun made from small fish that live wild in the river, or Tutut, pest snails that live on a farm.
Some of Sundanese Food 
1. Hayam bakakak
A chicken that was burned in the torch, after cleaned and given a special flavor. Usually cooking using bamboo chips to make clamp for easy chicken body upside down during the combustion process. Usually served at weddings. 
2. Hideung squid
 squid cooked for 2-3 hours with the ink and special spices. Appointed as a friend Rice (rencang Sangu).
 3. Potato Sambal Goreng Ati 
Often considered a luxury food which is served only at certain times. Such as Eid, weddings, circumcisions, and so forth.
 4. Sambal Fried Potatoes Mustafa 
basic material in the form of finely chopped potatoes like a matchstick. Then stir in chili sauce. There is no definite information about the entry of a language that sounded like the name of Mustafa Arab. It is estimated that Mustafa is the name of the person who popularized this menu. 
5. Kadedemes or Oseng Sampeu Leather
 Leather boiled cassava for mremove sap. Then again saute with herbs and sprinkled with green chili. Once the shape is almost like a warm ripe jackfruit. 
6. Made from poor aci
 cracker flour (tapioca), then cooked using only the hot sand. 
7. Princess No'ong
 Made from grated cassava dough is flattened, filled with bananas and then rolled. Mixed steamed and served with a sprinkling of grated coconut. 
8. Gurandi
Includes dessert made from rice flour batter, black sticky rice, and aci. Usually served with a sprinkling of grated coconut, white sugar or palm sugar.
                                                              hayam bakakak
                                                                  sambal goreng ati
                                                                    kerupuk melarat

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